Plants Vs Zombies 2

On May 2, 2013 · 0 Comments
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Plants vs zombies 2 is an action game developed by Popcap games. The player is assumed as the owner of the house and the main aim of the game is to defend the house from zombies, by planting various plants in front of the house. Various types of plants and fungi are placed in front of the house to slow down the zombies and prevent them from attacking the brain of the people living in the house. Each plant is unique in nature and uses its own offensive or defensive capability to prevent the zombies.  The main screen of the game is divided into various horizontal lanes. The zombies use this horizontal path to come and attack the house. The player plants trees in these horizontal lanes to attack the zombies. Generally, the plants can attack only in the horizontal plane in which they are planted. The game starts during the morning time and as the level progresses it slowly changes to night. Certain plants such as the sunflower could be planted only during the day time and the game play is quite challenging and interesting at time progresses. Plants such as mushroom are ideal for night levels as the “sunlight cost” of these plants are very less.

This game has various modes such as single player mode, multi-player mode and adventure mode. The game is very interesting in the adventure mode as it unlocks new modes as the player advances. The survival mode gets unlocked when the player finishes up to a particular level in the adventure mode. The visual of the game is quite amazing. The graphics and audio of the game complements each other and it attracts people from all age group. On the whole the game is a bit slower in the initial stages and it becomes more and more interesting as the player progress through various levels. The game is very innovative, belongs to a new genre and is very easy to understand and play.

P.S: According to the rumors, the developers are planning to finish Plants Vs Zombies on mobile phones this summer. Hope you are waiting for this game


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